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I know I have been saying this to myself for a very long time, but this time round I am really more motivated than before.

I am going to quit smoking for good, due to very motivating factors.

Deadline: 31 Oct 2004


what happens if u dont manage to quit?

be forced to listen to fann wong's songs for ever?
erm.. why fann wong ah ?

hahaha there can be no ifs! I CAN DO IT!
Cos Fan Woon Fong cannot sing :P

Actually, i find Stephanie Sun's voice more irritating..
oh my .. i think you are the first person i heard saying her voice's irritating!!!
i dont know.. its raspy.. like one of those things we use in technical class to sand off wood..
i suppose that's what makes it special dun ya think ? hahaha


You seen the new boxes?

Smoking Causes Mouth Disease.

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<p>You seen the new boxes? <br><br><div align="center"><b>Smoking Causes Mouth Disease.</b><br>
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/instantial/Copy1ofImage036.jpg"</img></div>
<br>Good luck on quitting. I've been on that plan for months.</p>
hahaha the picture is gross!
then again the govt's campaign amuses me more than discourages me...
yah lor. Still got happy family version and dying man version. Will quit when it reaches $10/pack~~~
u smoking malboro ? it's already 9.50 rite? time to quit lar hahaha
downgrade viceroy $8.10 =P
i like texas 5 =)
think of all the click-clock you can buy with the savings... :0
will save the money buy you click clock ok!!! muaks muaks!