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I know I have been saying this to myself for a very long time, but this time round I am really more motivated than before.

I am going to quit smoking for good, due to very motivating factors.

Deadline: 31 Oct 2004


i support monkey fully wif my arms, legs, tail, teeth, nose and GGJ!

ok loh... i ask you to quit with me you dun wan, now you do it for *external factors* ahem... sobz!!!
cos if i quit b4 you your mouth will be smellier than mine mah so no point! lalala
We shall see.
make you eat your words one by one
*puffs on ciggies*
but why?
expensive, die early, mouth smelly, hands smelly, waste time, destroy image blah blah blah

come come let's quit! you should quit too!
Quitting smoking is more psychological than biological...
You have to get the mere thought of picking up that pack out of yr head.
The act of just taking a ciggie out, lighting it up...its all part of smoking...not just the actual puff....

anyways good luck...its for the best anyways....

HUGS! thanks .. i think it's more of a habit too cos i dun really get a kick out of it no more...

wait for my good news okie?

then you no more joss sticks to burn to chen huiling already!
wahhhh looks like it hor? haha so smart my mama!

i will buy her nice lavender incense sticks to burn!
WahhhH..this should be interesting!
heh then next time i will join u in the league of the non-smokers!!!!

::waits for the day to come patiently::
I say good luck ........to you.....

" jia you "
hee hee thank you much much

care to care some motivation ?
erm... rem you will give me $500 if i quit.... whoever quits first got 500 dollars lar lalala
what's the motivation???

I support you! and wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, kidneys, intestines and spleen.
save money lor... ciggies too ex and wun die so early mah hahaha

can one... i'm only on my 2nd pack of cigz here since i arrived. looking at the prices are motivating enough for me.
but actually i still got like 4 cartons of duty free ciggies so... maybe wait for me to finish first hahaha or sell them away for a profit
Hahahhahahahahaha!!! Thanks for the joke first thing in the morning!! :)
thanks for pouring cold water early in the morny! very cold leh!

piaks! Bitch you! hurry come to melb lar!
gooood luck!! dont give up!
hee hee thanks i will try my very best! muaks!
Serious!!! I will join you!!!
haha i thought you quit already ?
hmmm... u know hor..i think smokers cannot really be non-smokers lei...

i have not bought a single pack since.. gmm...let's see.. prolly for about 3 months? but sometimes frens offer i will still take lei...wahahhahaaa.....
but nowadays dun really feel like it liao.. onli when feeling damn shitty and sad lor....

but then hor, better stay away from places u think will make u smoke more when u are trying to quit.. if not really v diff lei.....
i think since you have not bought a single pack.. can be considered non-smoker in my opinion lar..

as long as you dun smoke very much, social smoking is ok lor.. dun ya think!