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I can't stop eating. counting counting ...

... Swiss mushroom muffin, peanut butter sandwich, 1/4 tub chocolate ice cream, ham cheese sandwich, fried rice, curry chicken with bread, 1/4 tub chocolate ice cream, longan with grass jelly, sweet chilli and sour cream chips, french fries, peanut butter sandwich, grape flavoured marshmellows, hard tube jellies, chocolate almonds... and still counting...

My stomach's gonna burst right now but I am still going strong ...
not sun wu kong but zhu ba jie!
erm thanks lor.. i think i am well on my way to become a heavenly pig!!!

and do you rem you saw me at nation? you were.. *hic* so drunk!
was i? :p
you groped me!!!!hahaha you must be really gone.. or do you not remember seeing me at all ?