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I can't stop eating. counting counting ...

... Swiss mushroom muffin, peanut butter sandwich, 1/4 tub chocolate ice cream, ham cheese sandwich, fried rice, curry chicken with bread, 1/4 tub chocolate ice cream, longan with grass jelly, sweet chilli and sour cream chips, french fries, peanut butter sandwich, grape flavoured marshmellows, hard tube jellies, chocolate almonds... and still counting...

My stomach's gonna burst right now but I am still going strong ...
nice breasts!
it's not breasts you bitch.. it's my cute berry!
eh look like perky tits wor your thighs
hur hur hur
why you laughing lidat? you want to have tits like spongeman's rite???

i go and complain to betty boop!
hurhuhrurhur....feritz also laugh like that now
his laughter is infectious!
is it??? i didnt noe that? thought it's copyrighted by erm that tazmania devil hahaha that powerhouse dancing machine
now i know why i've been sneezing all nite.
hehe sorry but you are always a hot topic mah! hahaha
raining here leh...cold.
dun complain lor.. melb colder!!
haha....well, no wonder u are eating all that sugar...

precisely.. i just cant stop eating... i need to find other stuff to eat

eat a tomato!
erm it helps?