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Sneak preview for the Ad for Christian Dior/Dior Couture Asia Pacific. *drools*

Go Go Go Go Kelly Go Kelly Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still like her canto Track ... Dui Bu Qi, Bu Shi Ni .................

you read the lyrics ? actually its a very cruel song haha
Yes yes, from the website I gave you few months back. http://www.okrm.idv.tw

I always knew u were a deviant!! closet straight!! *spit*

unless ure refering to the very glam dead animal on her shoulders
i would turn str8 for her or nicole kidman...

hmmmm actually i wouldnt mind turning str8 for you as well
I have nothing to say to you! *fumes*
hey che.. this v good angle..!! cant c e cross eye..!!
you very bitch lor hahaha you sometimes also cross eye one mah!
ya ya.. but but.. she's EVERYTIME!! ahahah