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Have you ever been to a private party with a theme called power puff girls?
haha... it's damn salah, but the thought of going to a party like that seems interesting... was wrong.

It was at a condo poolside at riverside, and the decoration and everything was like quite nicely done ( aj's work ... what else ? )
Saw my camp mate there as a "bar-boy" haha other than that, i was just sitting there with alvin and andrew, swallowing titbits and watching the re-runs of PPG. Wished flashypink was here, you would've enjoyed it.

Got to know alvin's fren. Damn colourful ang moh, that behaves like tim, damn funny and asked me to take pictures from different views. Good photographer..

Marc, Alvin, Andrew and Me

Then there was this "preview" video presentation created by a guy over there. Think it's called potatoes. Talked about asians having relations with caucasians, how the term rice queen, mashed potatoes, potato queen blah blah came about... about being stereotyped, about how unique one can still be... However, though it was done quite creatively, only one word can describe what i feel about the whole video. PRETENTIOUS

Luckily the day was saved by Y not... With a shirt and specs, it's amusing that some people could not even recognise me... Did not drink much, attempted to dance ( then again centro's music is SOOO much better ) but still it has a nice crowd.

Saw Linda, the ang moh fren i met few weeks ago. Talked more to her today, a very funny lady. Then i get to know that she actually teaches ballet and is going to open a class for pilates.... And yeah, she invited me to join her.
I am so very well going to do so lor!

Sent home by my long lost 15year fren called chris... chatted on the way home. Things that we do, that i used to disturb everyone in the school bus, that we used to play in the little jungle with a tree house.... and whenever i think about it, it's so nice to know someone for so long, a very warm feeling.

Though it's already 5am, i am happy that finally tomorrow is a day i can sleep late for once. The day when i can rest. The day when i can slag around. The day i can settle my thoughts. The day that marks the beginning of a new week to come.
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