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XXX [5:09 PM]:
can spend time with bengy. teach him a trick or two
Yubin! [5:09 PM]:
yeah i just brought him down to pee and shit.. hee hee i love my dog
Yubin! [5:09 PM]:
i like talking to him when i am upset
Yubin! [5:10 PM]:
he understands =)
XXX [5:10 PM]:
bring moo moo down to pee and shit too.. then he'll understand you better.

i miss my dog i miss my milo. I need him to cheer me up. dunno why i keep missing him these few weeks...after a year plus of separation. hope nothing happened to him..hmm.
sigh sometimes there will be this period of time when you miss something/someone suddenly...

dogs are best for cheering people up i suppose
ahhaaaa... ahhhhh..... so farny.. ahhhaaaaaaaa..........

i like to cuddle my dog when im feeling down aso lei... will feel better one....
yeah lor.... my grouchy chihuahua never fails to amuse me as well!
but this time u came bek i didn't amuse u lei.. no chance... hiazzzzz
Hmmm cute icon but either

(i) the cow has horns


(ii) the bull has an udder...

So sexually ambiguous. Heh.
::brings the moo moo down for a walk::
maybe I should get a puppy as well...
yes yes it's time to give birth to babies!! it's the next step in a aj relationship!
I miss my CS!

Boo Hoo Hoo!
they are in JB rite? next time i come back must show me okie!
okie okie set......

so farnie!


yeah i especially love the person's dark humour.... this XXX guy is so intelligent! LOL
Yeah pray tell me who he is?

he is cute desirable handsome charismatic .. in 3 words.. to die for
Huh? Isn't that what you've been doing all this time?

:: giggle ::
no... actually i milk the cow.. i dun bring her down for walks!
Oh ... poor moomoo but it is funny ... hahaha