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Hello Hello Hello ..... Do you know that Kelly has new album ... I like this track ... Dui Bu Qi, Bu Shi Ni.

yup, you heard the cantonese one? i bought it already, thought i prefer the cantonese version to the chinese version
Yeah yeah, I prefer the Canto version. Go Kelly Go!!!

Sorry MiMi and MooMoo for not being at the airport... =(
I totally concussed that day...
Am feeling so totally shitty now.
have a safe flight back to london!
god tell me about being shitty.. i am down in the dumps
and thank goodness for that, or we'll go on feasting and get indigestion... then it'll be no fun after that. take very good care and see ya soon :)
that's true.. you also lar rest more and see u soon!!! hee