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Life in Singapore...

I almost forget what it's like. The laughter and the price you have to pay for being happy...

I miss my pooch
Is that the Cocker Spaniels you have in your LJ's??? your pooches?

I love my CS as well! wonderful dogs! I miss mine in JB ( no time to take in KL )

:: uh huh ::
Yes yes we have CS in melb!!! oh my you have CS as well!! must bring us to JB to see one day ok!
hey where you guys put him?
with Wawa =)
arf arf poochie bengy and papa cow misses mama monkey lots too!!!
hope you havent forget your papa monkey i miss you muchly!
(Deleted comment)
oh well guess i will just buy a new dog lor!
do u miss us!??!?!
we miss u!!!
hee hee of cos i miss you!!! muaks!
Hey!! We miss you lotz lar.. nobody 2 disturb at nite.. sigh..
hee hee what abt calvin?
Calvin ar... has some new guy on his hands... sigh... same story over and over again.

Why must all you small eyed big lipped hotties be so elusive!!!
miss u........ sighz
how cum u 2 looked so distance when we bumped into each other in town? tsk tsk tsk ...

*muakz muakz muakz*
aiyah cos i was erm quite distracted and VERY tired

and the fact that you keep refusing to go clubbing with me upsets me!!!
i m not a party goer mah..
i dont party as much anymore..

seeing u guys made my day loh..
i miss u too!
hee hee so smart my pooch!
u make it sound like being in SG is a bad thing..!! hmmpphh..!!
it's not a bad thing of cos it isnt .. i love singapore how much

it's just that living in SG is definitely more complicated than living else where....
itz true la.. but.. but.. u hv us here 2 un-complicate it 4 u wat..
come back soon man. we miss you
tee hee less than a week!!!!

come BACK ALREADY LAH ..... play so much !!!! i miss you and cowie leh ....... quick quick come back ....... but before you do that make sure u eat more singapore food for me hor