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What I have been doing for the past week?

Consumed my favourite food during the day...

And clubbed in the bus as darkness heightened...
in a bus? wow-myst
(Deleted comment)
too bad it doesnt belong to me! i was just hoping i can join those folks inside
in a bus?? tatz so cool..!! & sth totali diff.. i oso 1..!!
next time we rent a bus and we club inside ok ? LOL
eh special K wor!
peach and apricot fravour somemore wor
yes yes it tastes very yummy!!! want me to bring some back for you ?
special K on the bus?
in the day?
i want a snort too!
special K is for eating NOT for snorting!


:: sound of a tear drops ::

::Monkey dances::
the club-in-bus idea's so cool!! fun hor!!!!!!!
hahaha i saw it lah! i wasnt in it.. i was HOPING to be in it...

it's the monkey's chronicles of fantasies lol
Clubbed in the bus?? Wow!!! That's cool!!! Was the bus moving when the music played?

unfortunately i did not club in the bus... i saw people clubbing in the bus dancing to the music while the bus cruised the streets!! SO HAPPENING!
WoHoOO! Special K woh!
must bring back sg!
what r u thinking of?? it's corn flakes wor wor!!!
That bus is the sweetest thing ever.