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I have learnt an important lesson today. Gossiping is bad. It destroys relationships.

Treasure those around you. Be truthful to yourself. To those I have hurt, to those who have hurt you: It's not the past that matters; it's the future.
hmm didu gossip abt me? ;p
:: huggies ::

Come back quik quik let me smack your red buttocks
and all will be forgiven. =P
yes dear. it is. -myst
Yeah, the most dangerous weapon of AJ is their own mouth. Gossip starts when a group of them get seated, challenged themselves to be the winner of the gossip match. Worst, salt, pepper and all sorts of ingredient will be added to the topic and the story will be damm interesting when it has been passed to u someday. Sighed!!!
precisely.... and those people are the people we know lor!
Yup, We cant stop or change them. As long we can answer to ourselves on things we do, who cares what they are gossiping. The truth will be out one day. And they will feel bad when they found out that what they have been gossiping in not true. They will be ashamed on their behavior.