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Kelly had became the world's first celebrity to be sponsored by both Perfums Christian Dior as well as Dior Couture. Besides this, it was the first time that was their beauty line product was endorsed by a celebrity.

Yesterday, the Asia Pacific Executive, Mr Pierre Denis, had made an international announcement that the brand was honoured to collaborate with Kelly as their partnership over the last few months was a pleasant one. The Dior Haute Couture gown that Kelly had worn at the Cannes Film Festival had completely expressed the elegant and beauty of modern woman. 

Presently, Kelly is in Paris to film the ad and it is expected to be screened over Asia in September. Also, Kelly will be present at 6 July (Paris Time) Dior 2004 Autumn/Winter fashion show as an important guest. She will also attend the opening of the new boutique in Taipei as well as the event's party.
What's this Facination about Kelly Chen?
haha nothing much.... i just like her lor!
actually they asked me first, but it clashed with my extreme makeover appointment. sigh... my loss, her gain. =P
damn it!! YOU would really look gorgeous in dior too!!!!!!
Wow Dior!

She made it already!
yeah man so glamourous!

She made it. I love Kelly!!!

yeah my fellow kelly fan! will post up her adverts for christian dior soon! wow lan she looks so chio lor!
Yup, very!!! Wonder when will she be coming to KaoHsiung.

(Deleted comment)
haha yeah but younger and prettier!
What a beautiful laydeeee
yes i am turning str8!
gosh.... u really r up-to-date man! wonder how she got the job......
haha quite up to date lar ... all from internet one ...

apparantly she was invited to Cannes film festival this year for her new film opening and she was sponsored by dior and wore a dior gown down and wowed many people at Cannes. Dior was so fascinated with her look and thus the offer lor!
ooooh she looks magnificent...
sigh my ex-gf is all grown up and famous!