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It's a Saturday night and I am in front of the computer listening to 90's chinese sappy love songs. So what's new?

I feel like some old geek listening to really outdated chinese songs from really orh-bit singers ( now it's Fann Wong's shopping ) ... ok that's not really sappy but i am feeling really crappy now i need some new chinese new songs.
turn that music down! my ears are bleeding...
左三圈 右三圈 脖子扭扭 屁股扭扭
(Deleted comment)
erm.. yes.. i noe that's quite embarrassing haha
Geez.. I like her song "stay". Haha make me think of the 2 diamond earrings *$$$ eyes pop out*
hey i like that song!!! do you have that mp3???
I think I am better off than u... I slept at about 1am on a sat nite... Never club yest... :)
hahaha same here.. why you nv go out with lao lao ? at least i clubbed on friday nite! hahaha
Do u have Ann Kok's stuff? You Huo or something... The album with her having the afro hair...
omg ann kok!! that's even more ancient or did she just release an album recently ? lol
Haha my recent liking for chinese music is in large part attributed to you constantly playing chinese songs in your car.
yeah it's all thanks to me i will try to burn more chinese tracks and brainwash you again when i see you ok ? haha
hahahaha. well, im the total opposite. im survivng on my cds for good english and club stuff. chinese songs everywhere! hahahaha
that's becos you are in china and i am down under omg i am really totally lost
I got lots of new chinese songs! very nice one! You want?
yes yes yes MSN me!
How about all the sg Chinese New Year Songs sang by off pitched kids and aunties in glass shattering pitches?
you mean it's cny soon???
hmmm I have fann wong's bu liu CD. is that too old for you? -myst
hey darling bring it for me when you come? and any nice cds you want to intro so i can add them into my itunes collection! v sick of my songs!
no worries mate.

sorry again. must have driven you nuts with gerri and me yabbering...paiseh. I'm such a neurotic driver. I should have known better. -myst
no lar! it's really ok... it's just that cowie was getting confused with the directions and i was trying to .. ya noe... make things clearer... no hard feelings muaks!