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I am really sick... fainting spells headache flu cough sore throat blah blah...
Eh same same. Me now is the product of having 5 tubes of potato chips.
hahaha i am the product of atkin's diet ... blah blah blah
That cos you not here.

I also coughing and flu and nose bleed like crazy.

That cos you not here.

Blardy Bitch
i am not there YET so dun keep scolding me..

i really miss you very much lor... monkey is having diff times lar... =(
My times have been difficult since a day has passed without you beside me.

And each hour of that day is a week of loss,
And each minute of that hour is a month of absence,
And each second of that minute is a year of enduring the incompleteness.

Thus every day is more than a week,
is more than a month,
is more than a year,
is a moment beyond that which is bearable that I am not whole.
i feel the same way lar darling i am really trying to get my ass back to sg i miss u so much......

wait for my good news ok ? muaks!

I miss your ass so so much too...
... so nicely red and *uckulent...

:: stands at Wang Fu Ai (Longing for Wife Cliff) ::
they are white not red! *piak*
Huh? So long besides me no one piak your kar cheng meh?
Come back quick and I'll help you make it big and red again orh kies~

MiSS MiMI~!!!
pregnant ar...


sore throat... erm.. and...
yeah i think another dog is coming up
poor baby. want me to cook anything for you? -myst
thanks very much... anything that is herbal and erm like very good for recovery that has abides to the atkin's diet?
must be all the gymming and atkins make you heaty!
come back we go drink oldenlandia!!
oldenlandia has no carbo!! but they dun have it here.. yeah lor da ge has been exercising but i took alot of vit c still get sick.... =(
Take good care. See a doctor if possible and of cos ... do drink plenty of water.

i miss ben ben... monkey don't fall sick okie
i miss piggywiggy very much too.. had some medication last nite felt so much better rite now.... hope to see you year end hon