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Chuan Chuan Chuan

Today is bengy's six month birthday, and to celebrate, we had an inpromtu bbq-cum-dogs gathering party yesterday.

It was quite an eventful Saturday spent, a Melbourne kinda house party. 5 dogs came and turned the apartment into a potty paradise, evicted from the bbq pit 'cos we ain't supposed to be bbq-ing after 6pm (duh), played mahjong (won $4), talked about ghost stories, gossiped about people from china to sg to aussie, and we didn't sleep the whole night. Did I mention there was no booze whatsoever? Just nice ciggies and diet coke. And happening drama that seemed so familiar, which of course did not involve me, surprisingly unfortunate.

Went to this Aussie-style Sungei Rd flea mkt at Camberwell and the dearie pooches are so difficult to control we decided to push them in supermkt trollies. And guess what, we looked like this mobile pet shop and was swamped by oh-so-many admirers of the dogs every few minutes or so. Though most only offered 10 bucks for the pooches. So sad.

Reached home at 9ish, slept like a pig, woke up at 4 while the pigS are still sleeping and turned the apt back into its original condition after the Royal mess. Forced myself to gym, went over to bryyin's place for dinner (yes it was yummy) though we avoided all the carbos, came back, ate another piece of boiled chicken breast meat, watch the panic room (flawed but good), and here I am.

Did I mention Atkin's is a big torture and I am not feeling hungry but all I can think of is chocolates and more chocolates. Damn it, I am feeling grouchy already, like the grouchy chihuahua.
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