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Woke up very tired. It's funny that you are tired but you can't sleep any longer, probably because of the lambo inside your stomach.
Was boring last night went to YN with Tim, Jacob and Ken. Actually not going but renton say he very long never club so i must go and in the end he went jamming. Haha.

Saw alot of people like jeff, jaer, alvin, but somehow, the alcohol just makes me lethargic. And one surprising thing is i saw kenneth an old church friend of mind who is supposedly very Holy and when i saw him think he quite paiseh. Quite dao. Oh and Tim was drunk consecutively for 2 nights in a row. He vomited outside YN again! haha. Think he's too depressed needs love.

In the end i went home early at one plus. Slept immediately thinking i have to wake up early for tuition tomorrow.
dear yeepin...
i also got an online journal last time. remember? but i cant be bothered updating it anymore.... hope u will continue with ur journal until the end of time. heehee. i love you.

haha... i know you have one... but i think this one is better.. more interestin if all your frens have access to this