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Though I am not in Singapore I can imagine the Pink community over-crowding the gym running on tread mills drinking many mary juices in preparation for the sacred National Day Party.. Is it at Padang or the National Stadium?

Somewhere 8 hours away from Singapore, we are trying to quit smoking ( too expensive, and bad breath ), hitting the gym ( get rid of all the chocolates i consumed these 4 months ), so that I can take off my clothes and lay lay... I wonder how 4 months in Melb can earn me 5 kg ?? Wonder how does jaer stay slim and pwetty overseas...

Nostalgia... The thought of going back home (possibily), the same feelings evoked at the last Nation....

Only to realise, the experience will not be the same... Better, or worse, but not the same. Never the same.
yup yup.. the gym sure is crowded today...

& I went running!! for the 1st time!! Man!! I HATE RUNNING!!

sigh... no choice (IPPT on sat.. a bit last min... i noe)
I wanna get the money!!! all am askin for is $200 bucks!! hehe..
I've got IPPT too this SAT!

Am also aiming for $200. Hahaha
haha good luck... hope you get 400 instead!!!
Nah... It won't happen. So loooooong never train for it. Hahahh
hahaha oh well then i will wish you all the luck
Thanx! I'll need loads of it!!!!
sigh.. *grumbles*..
wich camp ya gg??

huh huh ...
Changi Air Base.

hahaha.. katib camp.... sigh...
All the best! Hope u get a gold.
haha.. getting silver is good enough!!!...
coz i can run.
haha i hate running as well.. man i can imagine the scene now in singapore hahaha

you so fit sure can get gold.. which is 400 bucks rite? woo hoo!
i cant run...
sob... tads y am running now... last min.. haha..