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Can't remember the last time i fell down. I was in the midst of misty hot air and darkness when i fell down in my bathroom so no one saw my totally salah fall. Not even cowie. It's quite fun actually. Just hope the scar will not stay for long.

Da ge!
thats one mean looking scar...got see doctor??
Hope never kena spine leh..
no leh i nv go and see.. it looks much better lar... hee hee da ge old already lar.. sigh...

didi must take care of da ge hor?
gosh...looks like a bad and nasty fall.
better put some anti-slip thingie at the tub.
hee hee yeah hor i should.. but aiyah it's also my fault lar.. feeling abit dizzy then... hee
oh my ... take care and be careful next time when u handle that bar of soap :P
so kinky!!! but i dun use soaps!!! the cow uses them but not me.....
can't remember the last time you fell down? lemme refresh your memory... centro? down the main stairs? HAHAHAHAHA...
yeah.... that was TWO years ago and i dun think i had any scars like this.. and hello ! i was drunk!!! i wasnt drunk yesterday nite.. er hem
wah u better be REALLY careful in ur bathroom next time ok...tsk tsk ...

this is part 1? u mean got part 2?? faintz
erm.... i am sure i can reveal more of my masochistic lifestyle to you slowly.. hahaha
looks OUCH!
hahaha yeah it hurts bt the thought of it amuses me... old liao
Ouch! that looks like one nasty fall...

unless a fall is code for dirty games in the bed room. After all, you did mention it was *FUN*
the truth: they always nude wrestle in the tub one ....
it looks quite bad.

get someone to apply something on it.
thanks .. i just put handyplast... hope it will recover b4 i come back for nation .. haha or else cannot boogie woogie with you hahaha
I'd offer to kiss your boo-boo and make it better...
erm.. what's a boo boo ???
Aiyoh! Looks bad. Take care man, must do something about slippery surfaces in the home!!
hey hey... thank ya... will make it a point to be more careful... blame the clumsy monkey!
(Deleted comment)
no... unfortunately it doesn't.. why? will you lick it if it does??
oh, no! do take care!
heh thanks... *hugs*
Oh dear!! Poor Yeepin!!! *sayang*
oh bobo!! thank you!!!!!

*gives bobo a yeepin hug*
hee hee you better make me some muffins to ease the pain!!

che... better put some cream or something lah.. later got scar no nice lei!!!!

haha..u almost as sadistic as mi.. the other time i hurt my back when i helped out at one of sam's event as dunkee girl... my back pain but i still kept laffing.. everyone thot i was MAD.. LOL....
hahaha yeah i agree,... i mean its quite funny to fall down and hurt yourself at this age rite? like hahaha so cute! haaha