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Top Commenters on yubin's LiveJournal
1yubin4456 4456
2jaer532 532
3cowie442 442
4wolfegod255 255
5elementz239 239
6shining_tree216 216
7littleprince182 182
8kevin82172 172
9mroctober163 163
10flyingpaint139 139
11yo_ichi135 135
12ikepod120 120
13dly119 119
14jaz_aug115 115
15toey114 114
16takira113 113
17joejunior112 112
18tacuma106 106
19speedo28105 105
20plus199 99
21jerubbaal71 71
22scummy71 71
23chilli_jo66 66
24Anonymous55 55
25psychicallergy53 53
26kairin48 48
27tednef46 46
28kitsch_king40 40
29hotdoggie39 39
30ellcrius38 38
31nude_gabriel38 38
32astropup37 37
33stingerx37 37
34vengerov37 37
35nanhai35 35
36paripari35 35
37pyrosx35 35
38renton35 35
39alffy33 33
40into_the_wild32 32
41sharonchen32 32
42tsw32 32
43weiqiang220632 32
44miak30 30
45scorpiojerm28 28
46brandiedcherrie27 27
47vinscent25 25
48ice_mountain23 23
49spongeman22 22
50iblog21 21
51snowyboy21 21
52boyundone20 20
53ernestlee20 20
54flashypink20 20
55navypal20 20
56piggywiggy20 20
57ravagedude20 20
58urbank1d20 20
59soul_keeper19 19
60e_rambler18 18
61eulb18 18
62doodeedoo17 17
63subzerohell17 17
64divineblack16 16
65oceanblue16 16
66tsun_wee16 16
67cutedwogy15 15
68jonathanho15 15
69killingculture15 15
70oliveoils14 14
71punkx8014 14
72m_kern13 13
73kenichi12 12
74poopee12 12
75bryyin11 11
76hateschool11 11
77modestly_urs11 11
78abumi10 10
79f_o_c10 10
80wince10 10
81critikal9 9
82queenzhu9 9
83sky799 9
84zhengjie9 9
85glacier_x8 8
86winsonn8 8
87bonesmanbible7 7
88ernie7 7
89rex_xer7 7
90wenn7 7
91crywithin6 6
92flyingstinger6 6
93menglang6 6
94missinned6 6
95nikey6 6
96epyonic5 5
97kutabare5 5
98poison12295 5
99bruefrower4 4
100giddygid4 4

Total Commenters: 144 (44 not shown)
Total Comments: 9790

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Whoohoo! #9!! Does that earn me a kiss or maybe a creamy banana?
Hahahaha YES OF COURSE!!!!! when i see you ok will give you a big fat kiss!
YaY! Not counting Mimi, I number 1 wor! =)</b>

We must be very bo liaos....
cos you are my favourite whore mah!! hee hee hee i miss you lao lao!
And you're my favourite monkey slut =)
Miss you many many toos!

Why you no come see me?
You come see me then I can come see you mah. =)
Brwing you LonLon HwaPPy HwaPPy wor!
aiyah you still got a few years there... i saving up go back singapore first mah... must meet u in sg first mah. if not i go lon lon lor =P
So you're going back lah!? WHen!?
dunno leh... maybe you will see me when you are tripping??
I usually can't see much by then. =P
I'm 58... Do I get any snicker bars?
oh yes.. you can get unlimited supplies.. i love snickers and have lotsa them at home!
i'm 7th...
I should retired from lj liao.
why you used to comment alot last time i remember... hee hee it's a work from the past.. hahahaha =P
I shall shut up now. =X
hey, cool. my former blog got into Top 10!

goes to show that times have changed since then, eh?
hahaha of cos i rem.. still rem your boy boy user pic.. haha we used to spend hours commenting... it was crazy
Why no me. Haha
Don't mind if i add u? =)
hahaha cos there are 44 people who are not listed i suppose hahaha... =P

yeah of cos you can add me .. will add you back ok ?
(Deleted comment)
haha not too bad for a newbie ! woo hoo!! you deserve a chocolate treat from the monkey!
(Deleted comment)
erm.... snickers? hee hee
didi wants to bang his head on the wall and die..
number 8 :(
sigh so upset.. this shows my didi no longer interested in his da ge ... always bz with his rendezvous
Comment 174

no loooh..show them to you next time..hahaha..no lah..
im very guai..sigh sigh..
ok you owe da ge alot of treats already!!! i come back you better spend 24 7 with me
why am i not on the list :( ........
aiyah not my fault.. the computer generate one... cos you never comment mah!