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Never been so exhausted before... was a funfilled yet tiring week.
Sent Renton off yesterday night ... will miss him for always suggesting things i will never think of doin'

Had one of the best Zouk nights out yesterday i ever remembered.
Went with mark, ron and her cousin, kris, ( and her girlfrens esther etc ) wesley, cowie, suzy, ivy, tim blah blah and danced like crazy. Before which i already had some shots of vodka at cowie's house so need not spend much money at zouk..

wasnt drunk, just had that nice high feeling, the feeling of having "less" inhibitions. Oh, and the AK47 with kris i always promised to have. Not bad for a girl... But the drink doesnt seem as good as the waterfall at centro..

Woke up early for tuition and yeah, some work out at planet.
It's time to get back to my exercise regime after this week.
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