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Either Singaporeans (1) Do not care for politics (2) Have no choice but to accept things as they are
(3) too self-aborbed with money money and maybe sex


Melbourneans are too bo liao. Just like me on a Sunday morny taking a walk to the city buying stamps for the moo moo poo!


i can't save the forest. but i can save money to go mel b :)
::the monkey waits::
they live in the zoo too!!!!!!!!!!!

sigh.. y r u guys not back b4 the 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!! huh huh... so sad....
aiyah nothing is confirmed mah.. might just turn up leh?? will let you guys know soon! but what is the party about??
Huh? When you going back? (confirm/tentative)
For how long?
What's before the 3rd?
What party?
Am I invited?
(Fwah, I so bhb... nevermind me. Just ignore the last question)

Oh, am in Amsterdam now. Not as happening as I thought it would be.
you so happening ah now in the city of sins? hahaha how can you not enjoy yourself!?!?!?
Nah, Amsterdam was too overrated.
London is still the best =)
maybe it's due to the fact that singaporeans needs to get a license to do even silent protests and marches...
we need licenses for everything i suppose haha
hhahaha... we experienced tat while in paris too...

like chingay parade one...
the funniest thing is they dun even look angry.. some people took their dogs, dress up as trees and stuff like that? yeah it's like chingay
i would say that what you saw in melbourne on a sunday morning is more of the norm in most urban cities in the world. in almost every city i've been to, i've seen demonstrations, even if i'm there for only a few days.

singapore is the exception. the reasons for it are numerous but i suppose apathy and fear and perhaps the most obvious reason- it's fucking illegal- would be some of them.
why should it be illegal rite? a supposedly democratic country... i mean.. or is our country socialist?

sigh whatever.. singaporean kids are not interested in this kinda things anyway
(Deleted comment)
erm.... you live in the forest too ?
The visit "ang moh" city i visited was melb, and was struck by large-scale demos they had.. S11, M10, etc all those codes scrawled on the walls meant nothing to me till I asked the B&B lady what it meant..

And I was lucky enuff to see M10 in action! :)
hahahaha i wouldnt wanna see those things.. i will run away in case i kenna shoot by accident
Wah, got shooting ah?
What I saw was very peaceful..

And there were school childrenn involved too.
Apparently, they got them involved so that the police cannot be violent against them.

So I saw them sitting outside the Nike or Reebok store on the corner, blocking the way to the shops.

And groups of policemen were standing everywhere - none were cute though.
yes the policemen here are all fat and ugly *pukes*
Yes, blame it on doughnuts and fosters! :)

So, how's ur food craving this morning?
I love such demostrations.

Look so fun.
omg, then you should live here in melb! =P
But it is a peaceful demostration yea?

No one gets hurt or anything?
it's more like a carnival... peaceful and fun demonstration i think.. abit no meaning
pls lah... the anti-racism protest in melb has more local aussies marching than asians themselves! tsk tsk...
precisely.. they march for everything.... asians are just... ya noe. cant be bothered about everything... in general
nope. singaporeans are all afraid of the ISA. you should have been here for the anti-iraq invasion. no where to walk! -myst
hahahahahaha that's true... we are Kiasu and kiasee!