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Things to do in the month of June

1. lose 5 kg and turn the fats into muscle
2. turn bengy into a enunch
3. get some vitamin M
4. visit Great Ocean Road
5. film a short film
i wanna go great ocean road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna see the twelve oppo....... something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna do horse riding down the coast during sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna eat bbq kangeroo meat... medium rare one!!!!!!!!!!!!

come back to me then.. come to monkey!!!! but i wun eat kangeroo meat!!!ewww!!!
no money to fly there woh...
then okie lor.... i want to go centro instead... go with me ok ?
tat one no need to say one mah...
5kg's a lot.
i on you.

ok lar... maybe not 5kg.. maybe 3 cos i have to convert some fats into muscle...

will i get a pressie if i managed to lose some weight?
Hmmm what do you need?

*looks left*
*looks down*
oh, no... poor bengy....!!!
have to lar.. quite poor thing but yeah... have to stop his territorial pee-ing nonsense!
but i want to breed bengy with ember and ash first. then we can makan the puppies.
hahahaha can they chee bye take it or not?? hahaha ok ok ok when you free? i bring bengy over for some mating business!
ours haven't gone through puberty yet. =(
oh dear.... i will keep some of bengy's sperm and we can do artificial insemination lor
wah. yours so matured liao? dammit.
why my babies so lousy..........
girls come in heat only twice a year mah.... hahaha
(Deleted comment)
yes yes!! going to chop off his balls!!!! for your info.. enunch dun have balls.. not penises!!! no penis how to pee!!

and dun be silly! you are welcome anytime you want! and thanks for picking up his poo!!
oh no!! least let the poor baby have one bang before you take away his greatest source of physical pleasure? then again that might be worse cos then he'll know what hes missing....hmmm....ah well....
you want to bang with bengy???
(Deleted comment)
actually he prefer humping my hands ... =P
how come is vitamin M? *scratch head..*
i thought is other letters... =P
you need vitamin moolah to buy other vitamins to keep fit mah!!!

come back and i will spank u!
Strike out resolution number 1 please.
I feel and look so salah oredi,
please don't make me appear worse by getting fitter.

:: beg beg ::
you can hug me tight tight make you feel shiok shiok mah!
True. Flwuffy sofas are good to hug. =)