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My performance is finally over. No more dancing and prancing around, unless I decide to continue with theatre studies.. but I feel I cannot be an actor, I prefer to be behind the scenes. I was so afraid of forgetting my lines and starring at the crowd waiting for something to happen. THANK GOD that didn't happen today, I managed to speak fluently and do most of the stuffs correct. I even got a little bruise 'cos i fell to the floor in a bit more drama way.

Just really glad that today is over. I have finished most of my assignments due to my unusual diligence. One more assignment and I am done. Can't wait.

One semester is finally over. What will happen this holidays?

I want to taste Singapore's chicken rice. Not monkey imitation one....
about $6 at OK??? in bourke...not school. P/S I AM FUCKING HUMAN LAH-myst
huh? what does it got to do with being human??