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Went to JB with renton and cowie today.
I think today was the first time i sat in a friend's car across woodlands checkpoint.
It's just across the sea, but everything is so different.

The way they dress.
The accent.
The prices.
The air.

I hope i dun sound like i am discriminating them
But the food there is good.
had a fabulous foot message ( which is quite painful yet enjoyable in a maschistic way )
The herbal chicken, pepper crabs, garlic prawns...

And its very affordable when times are bad

The funny thing is the 3 of us were so tired
because we slept so little for the past few days
I need a good sleep and a nice warm cuddle... ...
i think the restoran we went to is near a shell if i remembered correctly and hmmm it's not the "log log " one ya understand?
it's quite up to standards in terms of deco...
and the food is not bad lor

wait till my car arrives we go makan.. bring you to the fantastic bah kut teh
haha.. even your restoran in bahasa...
YEAH! maybe we should go during the recess next week...