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It's getting Cold Cold Cold...

Look who's prepared?

Uncle Sam!!!

And bbq at this weather is really nice .. for a change... and the chicken wings never got cooked!

It's always nice to have visitors from your homeland...
(Deleted comment)
the cutie on the left in the third pic is not me! it's papa cowie...
(Deleted comment)
ooppss!!! that's me lar!!! anyway i did not reply to that comment... it's mama cowie... she so bhb rite??

yes kor kor.. you can rape have sex with me ... i heard you are very good in bed and have a nice big juicy d***.... ::pants::
(Deleted comment)
cows count as animals too!!!
(Deleted comment)
umm, the nipple is the smaller one, you are sucking on my ...

(Deleted comment)