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It's getting Cold Cold Cold...

Look who's prepared?

Uncle Sam!!!

And bbq at this weather is really nice .. for a change... and the chicken wings never got cooked!

It's always nice to have visitors from your homeland...
How come don't have pictures of you?
good. the rest looks healthy.
quick! post of a picture of yourself!
MAMA loves you all and misses you terribly terribly.
hahahaha becos i am now fat white and ugly... dun want people to see how horrible i look!!!! =(

later mama see already dun miss me ...
no matter how ugly also not as ugly as when you were in Singapore right? =)
mama will love you and miss you no matter what...
except when you bite.
But MAMA!!! you noe biting is just SOOOOOOOO NOT in fashion anymore...... monkeys like to dance now!