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It's getting Cold Cold Cold...

Look who's prepared?

Uncle Sam!!!

And bbq at this weather is really nice .. for a change... and the chicken wings never got cooked!

It's always nice to have visitors from your homeland...
and it's always nice to have free lodgin and food when i'm in foreign land...haha.

*plots to rape uncle elementz tonight*
i still wake up a virgin this morning.......la la la.
yes! my spiked drink worked!!!
free lodging ???? you havent received the hotel expenses bill!!!!!
*tallies up room service bill*

2 x california roll = A$20.00
1 x chicken curry = A$25.00

evil leh!!!

but u tasted my chilli sauce...hottest in the world...A$1,000
hospital bills for poisoning hotelier: A$9,999,999,999,999,999...