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What is life? A cycle that never ends? After pain come happiness. After misery come ecstacy.

Everything comes with a price? For everything you hope to get, you have to lose some?

And there you plan your life, remembering mother's advice, "If you don't study hard, you won't have money. If you don't have money, you won't be happy."

Then you think of a world far away where money doesn't mean happiness. That utopian idea.

And then one day, I realised I have worried my life away. How you wished you've led a different life. But no matter how you live your lives in different ways, you die a man full of regrets.

So hail misery. Without misery there can be no joy. This is life. Misery is part of life.
eh, don't sound so pessimistic leh! I thought i was bad enough!
i know... but suddenly thinking abt alot of things.... i have so many worries..how not to be pessimistic =(
my dear monkey, u think too much..."don't worry, be happy" *hugz*
cannot lar... i dun worry much but the worries come and look for me .. how to escape???
Life is like a box of chocolates.... You don't know when you get diabetes....
depends on what kind of chocolates... some are more bitter than the others...

that means... one's life cannot get too sweet and happy
aiyoh. take it one step at a time.
don't overwhelm the monkey brains!
there are people more miserable than you.
maybe being more miserable will make you more joyous (joyful)?
(here's some food for thought?)
that's true.. but i cannot help but to be overwhelmed... what's the use of comparing with other people?
everybody has diff standards and dreams...
What if we think the other way round...if there's no joy in the first place, how do we know the pain of misery? Hmmmm...I guess it's the same "Half full/Half empty" kinda question to ponder over.
yup it's one of those questions we will never figure out...

and in the end... we leave the world with the same questions, same mysteries unresolved
life is too short and unpredictable to worry away.
by all means, let the dark moments help you appreciate the joys of life, but don't wallow in it. easier said than done right?

money may not buy happiness, but it does buy moet/veuve which certainly can alleviate most pains...

i queer you =P
damn it ! such a materialistic world! life's a bitch!

i saw e word ecstasy *points shaking finger*
hahahaha huh? i meant the emotion ecstasy... what are you thinking of?? tsk tsk!
like i said... dont mind me... just a bo liao moment... :)
dun be so bo liao... come kor kor give you some sleeping pills!
Get a cheap car.
Drive around.

no money how to buy car!!! LOL
yup i know what you mean...
i don't think it's right to be happier thinking that other people have it worse than we do.
i realized i spent half my life worrying if i make the wrong choices. only to find out after some time that i made no choices and so many opportunities wasted away. and because i spend so much time worrying, i never did enjoy anything or managed to do well in it.
but i guess sometimes life has this way of making things happen for you, so cheer up!
yup... i agree... so let's be more optimistic hahaha hopefully!