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When you are bored...

You act cute!!!
I Wan!!! But you not what. =P
you said you are my mistress already mah!!! cannot void the contract hor!
Huh??? Since when?!

Sorry lor, I'm not one of your harlems of mistresses.

Am just an innocent tree spirit. =P
please!! you INNOCENT?????

::pukes many many::
Errr... more innocent than you then. =)
Dun make me black mail you!!!!

::looks at lao lao's many many pictures with different men::
All friends what~ Everyone knows. =P

My "affairs" not secretive secretive like yours one. =P
my "affairs" are secretive cos i have NO affairs!!! DUN GET ME INTO TROUBLE!!! HAHAHAHA
Trouble with who? =P

Then then then.... what about OUR affairs?!
AIYOH!!! you v stupid leh!! ours are legitimate mah dun you noe? you are my 76th mistress mah!

I wanna be no. 38th or 69th mistress~!!!

LCG is MY mistress, then that makes him your? Our pet?
please ok? LCG is always mine!!! dun believe you ask him!!! he is just your... erm.... student!
Sigh...... I know... LCG has and is always yours...

:: sniff sniff :: 8"(

And I'm not even a "Pass-byer D" in the credits to his life...

:: hurt oh hurt so truely deeply ::
no lar!! bwuff you one lar!!!! LCG miss you very much wor!!
Not enough to sleep with me lor... 8.(