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When you are bored...

You act cute!!!
oh yes.. i look older if you do see me in person one day....
very lazy recently... will put pictures of bengy sooN!!!
(Deleted comment)
well... it's hard to say.... i might bum into you this summer if i do come back mah!!
(Deleted comment)
too bad i think you are underaged haha if not bring you go to August's biggest NATIONAL gay day party hahahaha oppss..

shouldnt say too much haha
(Deleted comment)
hahaha nothing much lar.. it's just a huge party where it's famous for from the looks of it for the past few years... so i might really just fly back home for this exhilarating party... it's TO DIE FOR!
(Deleted comment)
OH YES!!!! if i can i will surely come back!!!! provided got enuf moolah for the air tix...
(Deleted comment)
actually... no.... i am over spending .. .sigh there are chances i might not be able to come back... sobz
(Deleted comment)
yes yes yes .. and it's the holidays.. it's difficult not to spend money during the holidays dun ya think ?
(Deleted comment)
Oh well, till we meet!!!