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When you are bored...

You act cute!!!
...... OMG... shoooooo cute ah!!!

:: runs off to make own act cute pictures too ::
but you are not cute at all

too old act cute will only make yourself more ugly

you act pretty still can lar!
wah!!! you lost weight!! and you hair! so brown! hahaha
hahahahaha no lar!!! never lose weight!!! the photo's deceiving really!!!! i am fatter actually!!! hahahaha

cowie say i decieving people hahaha
See!!! You've lost weight, so tanned toned and lean now!

Shoo Prwetty ah!!!

Me so jealous... =(

:: licks ::</b>
you dun want your husband to be cute and handsome, lean and toned meh????

I Wan!!! But you not what. =P
you said you are my mistress already mah!!! cannot void the contract hor!
Huh??? Since when?!

Sorry lor, I'm not one of your harlems of mistresses.

Am just an innocent tree spirit. =P
Hey, dun make others puke leh unless the pictures are to hand on our pasa malam store. :P
you mean i dun look cute inside ah ? =(

Not referring to u lah, it is jaer cos he said he wanna take some cute pictures. :)


*gives guma one big hug!!*
kamseah!!! Hugz u back!!!

::squirts in ecstacy::