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When you are bored...

You act cute!!!
ahahah.. i love it..!! come back quick..!! ya pic is making me miss u again..!!

& such big eyes..!! if itz not alcohol.. ::ahem::
!!!! very long never post pictures of myself mah! so must update update then i feeling feeling...
eyes big cos my eyes NOT THAT SMALL OK!!! dun be rude!!!

wat r u thinking of!?? </b>

ahahah.. ur eyes not small..?? then mine is goldfish la..
you mean you dunno you got pretty gold fish eyes ??

I look into your gold fish eyes and i can wander off somewhere beautiful ....
ahahah.. u glib tongue.. getting better & better in talking ya..
have to lar.. no choice.. if no glib tongue my che che will forget my existence in her happening world!
ahahah.. my world is boring.. as i always say dearie..
how shiny can it b w/o u by my side?
Dun bluff ok!! boring still go KL go centro go lola go squirt (blah blah blah)

URGH!!! I CANNOT TAKE IT!!! dun want to study already lar!
ahahah.. come come boy.. come back 2 SG..
you must pray hard ok ? pray that monkey earn enuff moolah if not monkey has to stay in aussie ... =(
bend over.. sell backside..
i'm still figuring out.....what sort of pose is that?
hahaha wat dya mean wat sorta pose?? when you come i show you lor?? lol

yeah 5 more days i can see uncle sam!
yeah! I've just bought 3 DVDs...dunno what came over me...haha.

Weather in the "red, dry" desert is erratic. Extremely chilly and rainy for the last 6 days....arrghh.
you should've seen it coming mah... no one warned you ah? well.. the desert is still such a romantic place to be it... woo hoo