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Wah lan Kelly Chen at Cannes Festival world premiere of 大事件 wearing Christian Dior

yes... i was gay.. no longer gay... hahahaha

and p.s. my new pic is NOT naked.. i was wearing boxers ok ? =P
U look butt-naked to me.

I think Kelly might not like.
erm.. how do you noe she will not like it???
then do you like it??? HAHAHAHAHA
I think she don't like seeing pi gu of young men flying over the internet.

I'm different from Kelly so erm, *coughs* :X
but but!! my pi gu cannot be seen mind you! monkey doesnt do porn!!! tsk tsk!!!

unless monkey gets many many bananas in return!
*offers truckload of bananas*

show some skin...
show some skin...
show some skin...

my new icon showed alot of skin already mah... which part do you want to see!!!
and i cant see the bananas!!!!!

Whatever's good to show, feel free!

The banana takes time ma. From KL -> Melb, even DHL take 1 or 2 days.
ok... will show you more skin when i receive my presents hahaha