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There's this part of the performance I am required to take part in where I was chosen just today to stand in the middle of puking caucasians ( 'cos i am the only tropical monkey.. erm so AC ) intoxicated by the consumption of Coca Cola. You know, polluted by the idea of consumerism and how it creates nausea.

My place, if my drama would still happen, would be on both sides of the front, over and above them.
I stand in the stench of the crowd to hurl stones at policemen soldiers tanks bullet-proof glass.
I look through the double doors of bullet-proof glass at the crowd pressing forward and smell the sweat of my fear.
Choking with nausea, I shake my fist at myself who stands behind the bullet-proof glass

It's all so warped. Really stressful. That accent. How to produce?
sigh... good luck to your assignments.. maybe i will see you end of this year then ... =P
yes will be seeing you then. its interesting how much one changes being away from home ground securities.

i dont noe whether i have changed... but things definitely have changed..... take care ya?

will do, you too, spending my bloomy sunday in the general commerce lab typing out my report due tommorrow with my groupmate....bummer...thank goodness i think i am to be done soon.
same here.. spent a bloody gloomy sunday doing a stupid book review ( can you believe at this age i am still doing book reviews? ) hahaha oh well... cest la vie!