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::ignites time bomb::

I have two weeks to finish this
Professional Writing:-
Media release; Book Review (750 words); Personal Narrative Article (1000 words); Travel Story (750 words)

Contemporary Culture and Media
:- Analysis of A TV Clip (1500 words)

Introduction to Hollywood and Art Film
:-Impact of globalisation on a specific film culture's narrative (i.e. Happy Together Vs Bishonen)
OR ; Subversion of the suburban dream by the noir's genre (i.e. Citizen Kane Vs Mulholland Drive) (2500 words)

Visual Test on the 7th June

Body, Text Performance
Performance of Hamletmachine on the 2nd June (starring yubin as Polonius)

::tick tick tick::
not very difficult to understand what.. when has the wolf become dumb?
wolfe has never been very smart! ::roars::

i understand things like he-man.
maybe there's a word for bimbo describing animals....


that sounds like animaniacs...
and being bimbo always has its up side.
yeah that's true.. sometimes i wish i am more bimbotic so that i will always be happy
buddha isn't bimbotic....
buddha isn't happy
no emotions rite?
but buddha always smile!!:)
depends on which buddha you referring to mah!
which buddha got scowl one!
last week i went to buddhist relic exhibition and saw the Kwan-yin of Thunder and LIGHTING!
no leh.... i thought to become buddha is to achieve some sort of enlightenment called dunno what cant remember which is to have no pain no laughter blah blah... nirvana?
i thought only got one buddha one ... and nirvana is happy!:) i think.
sigh i think you need to journey to the west to read the scriptures once again!