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Took a route that I do not usually take on my way home.




Either someone is more depressed or some prophet is trying to tell me something.

damn it, as I wrote this entry a car accident just took place downstairs
but look, he wrote it in chalk so the rain can wash it all away.

*hugs* that's soooo optimistic!!!! but then again.. he must be a psychic to know how i am feeling!
the writing is on the floor.
yes... it's in one of the little path i choose amongst the very big park!
i think the person who wrote this is very very very depressed.
hiaz. that's.. sad.
actually i feel the same way.... che.. do you noe there are many sad people around??

actually i think there are more sad people than happy people...
stop playing with chalk!
::uses cow teats::

*squirt squirt squirt*
I suggest using spray cans...
ney, i think he doesnt want to be depressed forever... someday the chalk stains will just be washed away and happiness will arrive...

did i just say that??!
this world kills me -> it looks like if the picture's multilated... not the doings of a chalk... ?
alas... they are the doings of a/ many chalk/s.

someone i find... comfort in these lines... that i am not alone... haha
Thats my LJ Tagline

"The World Is Grey"
Yeah... can you imagine someone who uses all our taglines and wrote it down in the path i just happened to take??? it's sooooooo ..... i dunno.. scary...
yes u queer us... u very queer...
not as queer as you madonna!
where was that? I think it's great.
btw re your last post: can it be possible to live in both ends at once you reckon?

Hey beck

yeah i thought it was beautiful... it's in one of the road paths in carlton gardens near the museum =)

as for my last post... of course it's possible... i guess everyone is subconsciously living in both ends without knowing...

then again.. why do you want to live in both ends?
Sounds like a closet case shouting out.
Or just someone venting out some steam.

The Prophet is telling you to go back SG to see MiMi!

tell me to go back and see mimi????

who is mimi now!??!
i think the author is very cute. it appeals a lot to me. especially the bit about 'the world kills me' and 'i queer you'....wait. that's almost like everything. i just LOVE relevance.
somehow i feel that i noe the person who wrote all these..... i dunno why.. but just that kinda feeling ya noe what i mean ?
because I'm an extremist. :) -myst
actually i am one too!