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A picture, an advertisement and a song has no meaning unless someone makes meaning of it. Have been listening to songs for the past three hours. Sitting in front of the visualizer listening, thinking and smoking. Each song has a distinct meaning, a strong understanding that cannot be put into words. The feelings evoked by this emotional instrument is so powerful one can understand not only the irrelavance of time, but the eternity of memories.

They remind of you of mistakes, love, laughter, pain and friendship. The regrets let you suffer in pain for a lifetime, and the warmness of each song reminds you of the joy of living. You think of the first crush you had 10 years ago, and the recent mistake you made you can't undo. You think of the love you are granted, and the love you have forgone. I think of what I should not have done, yet time is never forgiving. It only reminds you of your mistakes.

Move on, they say. Optimistic people say that tomorrow will be better. Others dwell in the past, crying in the deep dark for what they have done. The songs I listen to, reminds me of what the past has been, reminds me of what I could've cherish, what I could've let go. Since I came here, the music library remains stagnant. The same old songs, the same old memories. Even the new places I visited produces a familiar scent. A scene of unforgivable beauty.

Some feelings do vanish. When you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower, the infatuation that you used to have doesn't seem to haunt your soul no more. You smile. And you cry for feelings that are not sustainable. Is everything an infatuation? You look to the future. Apocalypse. Nothing seems promising. Except the promise of undying love.

To live is a courageous act. It is never cowardly. I look to the future. Who will I meet? Will my friends be the same? One might dwell in the past but others will just move on. What is a best friend? Who is the perfect lover? Will one ever find out? There are so many questions in life, together with beauty and trust.

If I can live a life all over again, there are so many things I will change. The mistakes are just haunting me all together. I do live a blessed life, which I do not know whether I deserve, but grateful for. Being a rich man doesn't mean you will be happy. He might have given up so many things.

Someone told me a stupid scholar is always famous for one theory and he keeps repeating in all his books regarding his beliefs. Cest la vie. We are all different. We believe in one thing strongly, and have to let go of something we think that is insignificant comparatively. Is it better to be a jack of all trades than to a be master of one? Preach what you believe in, there will be people who hate you, and the promise your belief will bring you to.

You can never please anyone. Remember those who loved you, who love you and who hate you, They all seek to make your life better.
温柔眼泪 i like this song.
wow i am surprised you know this song.. cos i didnt think that this song was played on the radio.,. was it?
Old songs I like mah ;p
erm is it the same song i am referring to? mine's by kelly chen! not that old lar!
how come u cannot write like this when u r doing ur assignments ah? then i dun need to proofread haha...
dun be a bitch! *piak*
Let me send you an ad critque that i did...
Might come in useful
sigh, you should've sent it like 2 months earlier cos I have already handed mine up. You studied media and communications as well last time ?

Anyway this entry is not about an ad critique. *piaks*
I "think" I know what you are going through.
Hang in there...the light is only at the end of the tunnel.
but mama i dun like being in the dark.... unless when i am clubbing... then again still prefer a little bit of light! *winks*
*winks back*
mama will come and hold your hand and guide you to the light ok!
I also like a little light...not too bright. =)
yes yes yes.... too bright can make us blind hor..
we r the creatures of the underworld!!
hailing a quote from perth,
remember the essentials
and be thankful
ain't matter what you haven't
matter it what you've.

a lil something from urs truly
thanks nic. that's very true. the trivial significance of these essentials.

hope you have been good.
Hugz and muacks

Hope this will brighten ur day.

of cos it will... thanks buddy... i hope to see you real soon man
Ah So Neh~

wah you go uk for one year i dunno what you toking abt.. what is ah so neh?
you toking in ah soh language ah?
Watashi wa Nihongo o hana shite imasu~
pls you japanese.. maybe the dick part lor.. small and puny
ArLo~ Not all japanese small and puny orh kies.

:: flings jap big dick porn vcds at you ::
hahaha tot all the jap porn always censored one?? the dick area always blur blur cannot see one
Most but not all.

And those that has mosaic are mostly very fine mosaic,
so can see quite well.
oh.. i forgot .. you noe the best!
Err... no lah~ I hear people say one~
"Nothing seems promising. Except the promise of undying love"
so sweet... it's good you believe in that...

some parts of me still believe.. even though it's very hard to achieve