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Can't really remember being so physically exhausted for quite some time, at least since my sispec days...
Was in school only for about 2 hours till 1230am, which after cowie came and pick me up and we went to meet up with renton and TW for wakeboarding at sembawang. Some SAF yatch centre...
First impression, sigh, Singapore REALLY has dirty water, just look at the flotsam...

However, this expensive sport that looks easy to do is actually much more difficult. It's just like walking... like learning everything else...
Once you know how to stand up.. it's much easier... but it's damn fun, havent had such challenge since a long long time.

Had a nice dinner at nee soon area, and the claypot sesame chicken was good... after which i rushed down to hougang to play mahjong with 3 friends whom i havent seen for a long time... which some how, was supposed to end at 12am, i actually left hougang at 8 am.

Hmmmm..... now my left forearm hurts big time
but it's nice to have a day like this
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