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Tomorrow will be the start of my 4th month in Melbourne.
When everything is sort of settled down, time passes so much faster.
Love the emptiness of noisy traffic. Love the unbearable beauty of weather. Love the importance of trivial things in life.

I still miss home.
The stupid MRT. The familiar roads that appear in my dreams. Those silly laughters. The intoxicating smell. The food, the faces and the places.
The addiction to the insufferable ways of living life.

And I am coming back. Optimistic (2 months), Pessimistic (7 months).

Get your red arse back to sg when I get back you hear!!!

Wan we all go Nation again... 8.(
wah cannot leh. i hear the word nation i high already!!!

What you mean cannot~!!!

You ownself get drunk and high in Aussie don't get drunk and high with me lah~!!!

*** GRoWL~!!! ***

Oi, so how liao? Ok or still short?
tee hee!! you just go back to singapore dun worry about me!!! tee hee hee
Oi!!! Does that mean you're coming back or not~?!
la la la
dun tell you!!!

:: cries many many ::