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I found two aspiring artistes to work with... i am going to join the Melbourne Uni Students' Film Festival!!!

Have an idea what not to film, but still looking for inspirations in terms of the story line.

A 15min film... can't say too much... but anybody has any ideas to contribute?
shall i be your cameraman?
how about this one?

That was a classic~!!!

Especially the second night when our dear mimi lost his pants.

"Life in the Zoo" :)

How about something called Sunday Night Monday Morning.

It could be about sunday parties and the morning after :)
"My neighbour is/was a drag queen"?? =D
Well, seriously.

How about,

1) Excuse me? Are you singaporean and gay?
2) A gay's average day of bitching, drama, sex and decor.
3) About the boy

i'm so excited :) hehehehehehe ...... can't wait to work with you :)
we better bake a tasty dough!