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I tried translating them to English, but I will do them injustice.

Hail sappy love songs!
I love Red Bean.
Love is in the air?


AnyHoos~ Oi, MiMi, return to Sg trip how liaos?
maybe i shouldnt go back to SG let you go back and drama alone hahahahahaha
Ok lor, then I'll cancel my flight reservations lor.
Fine lor, someone don't wanna see me liao lor.
Good lor.

爱不爱结果都叫人伤心... My favourite!

I agree translating them will indeed do them injustice. The beauty of Chinese that it seems to make sentences and words soo soo nice and beautiful.
Yup..... translation always do injustice especially to mandarin .. and i am not a ching chong kia. if you noe what i mean. mandarine's a beautiful language.. to poetic to be compared to englisg
I like Zhou Chuan Xiong's Huang Hun.

- even the most beautiful sunset becomes the darkest night
oh yes... i like that song too. it's in my itunes...woo hoo.. maybe i shld put it down as well
i onli recognise No 3 - Sky black black, right?
was just listening to Wu Yin Liang Pin this morning.
and thinking about the songs that have defined my relationships.

1) Ai Wo by Ke Yimin - my second relationship cos' i felt very pampered.
2) Wo Zhao Ni Zhao Le Hao Jiu by Wu Yin Liang Pin - 3rd r'ship cos' i thought that was THE one.
3) Fen Shou Ba by Zhang Zhenyue - when it failed....sobz...
hmmmm your ktv quite bad.. when i come back we going sing ktv and get drunk ok???

you got the lyrics for the first song wrong! ::bonks::

and i like the second half of the chorus for song 6. still. :)

::puts up little sign that says "NO DRAMA!"::
oh yeah i typed it when i was a little typsy hee hee hee
so smart you!!! ::pats::

::i am no longer drama!! WE are no longer drama!! YEAH!::
No haf meh?


:: takes out big kegs of concentrated drama ::

*** POURS ***
haha. ok:)