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I am going to choose a short scene sequence from any movie (Moulin Rouge?) and do an analysis (narrative, genre, editing, gender, whatever)

But which scene should I choose?

1) "Faerie" entrance to MR!
2) "Can Can"
3) El Tange de Roxanne
4) Satine's Death
5) Elephant Love Medley
6) Your Song

I think the editing in "Roxanne" scene is the juiciest. Yum.
i recommend the hot air balloon scene from "before night falls". it packs quite a lot into one scene without being overkill, and the technique is absolutely fantastic.
hot air balloon scene? that scene was deleted away wasnt it? wasnt in the cinema version...
it was. the hot air balloon was stolen by the "friend" of the cuban poet. and he sails it out of the broken rooftop. the music's fantastic. the rising action of the subplot's good. cathartic. yada yada. and in the end, when the hot air ballon crashes, it was done very well. try and avoid moulin rouge if you can lah. i think the ozzies really love their indie films. hm. but m.r. was done by baz right? i dunno. i just loved that particular scene.