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I am going to choose a short scene sequence from any movie (Moulin Rouge?) and do an analysis (narrative, genre, editing, gender, whatever)

But which scene should I choose?

1) "Faerie" entrance to MR!
2) "Can Can"
3) El Tange de Roxanne
4) Satine's Death
5) Elephant Love Medley
6) Your Song

I think the editing in "Roxanne" scene is the juiciest. Yum.
i've got the 2 disc moulin rouge.. but i cant rem if there's a short feature on both scenes... i must check it out... i am very interested in doing editing.. think prolly i will choose Roxanne... seems everyone loves it.. hahaha but i wun rule out elephant love medley as well
I have it too... I think there is an extended Roxanne sequence, can't remember if there is commentary... But there is a director's commentary anyways...