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I am going to choose a short scene sequence from any movie (Moulin Rouge?) and do an analysis (narrative, genre, editing, gender, whatever)

But which scene should I choose?

1) "Faerie" entrance to MR!
2) "Can Can"
3) El Tange de Roxanne
4) Satine's Death
5) Elephant Love Medley
6) Your Song

I think the editing in "Roxanne" scene is the juiciest. Yum.
Oh, the scene in Silence, near the end, where the detectives enter the house and the director tricks the audience into thinking it's the same house the killer is in, is a pretty good scene to talk about too :P

But if MR has the commentary, then maybe it's the better choice... I would pick Roxanne for editing, and Elephant Love Medley for the intricate production design and choreography (think there's a short feature on both scenes on the DVD?)
i've got the 2 disc moulin rouge.. but i cant rem if there's a short feature on both scenes... i must check it out... i am very interested in doing editing.. think prolly i will choose Roxanne... seems everyone loves it.. hahaha but i wun rule out elephant love medley as well
I have it too... I think there is an extended Roxanne sequence, can't remember if there is commentary... But there is a director's commentary anyways...