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I am going to choose a short scene sequence from any movie (Moulin Rouge?) and do an analysis (narrative, genre, editing, gender, whatever)

But which scene should I choose?

1) "Faerie" entrance to MR!
2) "Can Can"
3) El Tange de Roxanne
4) Satine's Death
5) Elephant Love Medley
6) Your Song

I think the editing in "Roxanne" scene is the juiciest. Yum.
i love (1)! visual rollercoaster
but youre right, the parallels in roxanne got more to write about
it depends on what i want to do... if i want to cover editing, (1) would be excellent...
but for narrative purposes, roxanne is just so clever!
How about the scene where you go down on your knees for me?

i am sorry.. i did not appear in the porn movie "beasts" like you did!
No meh?

:: looks in direction of me other bwestwest frwen ::

I'd do the Like A Virgin scene... I like how comedy contrasts with melodrama there.
hmmmm that's true.. it's very good.. but i am not very good at doing comedies... sometimes i dun find them funny. haha
i like the "Roxanne" scene best!
yeah... it's just so sexy.... and the suspense is built up so well
i like ur new user pic!!!!!!!!!
that's not the point.. but hee hee he's cuter than me lor! =(
Elephant Love Medley
this part is so romantic... aw i understand why i fell in love with ewan mcgregor..

but what to write about?
Must it be Moulin Rouge?

You could go for the more technical directors - PTA's long tracking shot at the beginning of Boogie Nights - almost 10 minutes long and a great technical achievement, and very rich for analysis... Or Fincher's Fight Club, which has an incredible amount of memorable scenes - the scene where Edward Norton's house turns into a IKEA catalog, and so on...

The best thing is that these movies are available on DVD, and you can hear the director himself analyse the scene for you. Heh.
the problem is i am too lazy to go out and rent a dvd and the dvds on my shelf are limited..

silence of the lambs, moulin rouge, the hours, to die for, gladiator, blue velvet and moulin rouge just seems like the outstanding choice.. and it comes with extra features and commentary as well!
Oh, the scene in Silence, near the end, where the detectives enter the house and the director tricks the audience into thinking it's the same house the killer is in, is a pretty good scene to talk about too :P

But if MR has the commentary, then maybe it's the better choice... I would pick Roxanne for editing, and Elephant Love Medley for the intricate production design and choreography (think there's a short feature on both scenes on the DVD?)
i've got the 2 disc moulin rouge.. but i cant rem if there's a short feature on both scenes... i must check it out... i am very interested in doing editing.. think prolly i will choose Roxanne... seems everyone loves it.. hahaha but i wun rule out elephant love medley as well
I have it too... I think there is an extended Roxanne sequence, can't remember if there is commentary... But there is a director's commentary anyways...
my vote is for Roxanne =)
yeah yeah ROXANNE then.. i think that should do the trick!
come didi must help da ge write the analysis!
i recommend the hot air balloon scene from "before night falls". it packs quite a lot into one scene without being overkill, and the technique is absolutely fantastic.
hot air balloon scene? that scene was deleted away wasnt it? wasnt in the cinema version...
it was. the hot air balloon was stolen by the "friend" of the cuban poet. and he sails it out of the broken rooftop. the music's fantastic. the rising action of the subplot's good. cathartic. yada yada. and in the end, when the hot air ballon crashes, it was done very well. try and avoid moulin rouge if you can lah. i think the ozzies really love their indie films. hm. but m.r. was done by baz right? i dunno. i just loved that particular scene.
Roxanne!!!! anw... u like moulin rouge too? It's my all time fav movie! you cumin back singapore when ar?