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Luckily I was sitting alone while watching this movie in the lecture theatre. Dark and Steamy.

Nevertheless, Wong Kar Wai's a genius. This film is terrific. Beats Bishonen 美少年之恋 anytime. Excellent editing. Watching Tony Leung was heartwrenching. And Leslie Cheung... ...
I actually left the theatre feeling sad. And all those posts about centro back home... ...

Happy Together. Still.
same thoughts exactly!!! wow you should do this course too man.... i just love the whole package.. i get sick of those 'perfect' visual effects at times..

and bishonen.. is just like a candy bar.. nice to look at but sigh... the acting is horrible
haha yeah should've done that instead of wasting it all on theatre credits :/ which I must add I did not enjoy at all. All the semiotics and mis-en-scene nonsense... but then again you would have that in film too right? :P

Still I think I would prefer film lar if given the choice to choose again, just sit down and no need to jump around like monkey haha.
haha you mean you JUMPED like a monkey?? hahahaha oh well... that's true lor... hahaha too late to choose.. i will let you noe what you've been missing then.... =)
no larr haha make funny sounds and all the exercises... hehe... Body Text not so bad lar, second sem myth into performance is worse.
really appreciate this comment cos i am going to strike off myth into performance for my next semester.