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Luckily I was sitting alone while watching this movie in the lecture theatre. Dark and Steamy.

Nevertheless, Wong Kar Wai's a genius. This film is terrific. Beats Bishonen 美少年之恋 anytime. Excellent editing. Watching Tony Leung was heartwrenching. And Leslie Cheung... ...
I actually left the theatre feeling sad. And all those posts about centro back home... ...

Happy Together. Still.
he is isn't he? I actually love some of the effects they capture under night vision. It may not seem very professional but I like the sentimentality that comes with its daze and fuzzy package. And I can't get the line out of my head something about Leslie asking Tony 'let's start all over again'!

I personally can't stand Bishonen, not so much for the tacky story line but the bad acting. Even Daniel Wu couldn't make up for such mediocrity.
same thoughts exactly!!! wow you should do this course too man.... i just love the whole package.. i get sick of those 'perfect' visual effects at times..

and bishonen.. is just like a candy bar.. nice to look at but sigh... the acting is horrible
haha yeah should've done that instead of wasting it all on theatre credits :/ which I must add I did not enjoy at all. All the semiotics and mis-en-scene nonsense... but then again you would have that in film too right? :P

Still I think I would prefer film lar if given the choice to choose again, just sit down and no need to jump around like monkey haha.
haha you mean you JUMPED like a monkey?? hahahaha oh well... that's true lor... hahaha too late to choose.. i will let you noe what you've been missing then.... =)
no larr haha make funny sounds and all the exercises... hehe... Body Text not so bad lar, second sem myth into performance is worse.
really appreciate this comment cos i am going to strike off myth into performance for my next semester.