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Luckily I was sitting alone while watching this movie in the lecture theatre. Dark and Steamy.

Nevertheless, Wong Kar Wai's a genius. This film is terrific. Beats Bishonen 美少年之恋 anytime. Excellent editing. Watching Tony Leung was heartwrenching. And Leslie Cheung... ...
I actually left the theatre feeling sad. And all those posts about centro back home... ...

Happy Together. Still.
hullo... wong kar wai is a genius lor.
(some of my gif user pics are frm his music video like the current one)... happy tog is soo moving...
i dunno about you ... the work... shot in both black and white and color... is soooooo visually spectacular.
and my.. it's so sad.

it touched my heart deep deep
all his work is visually spectacular!!!
i have only watched 2 of his works... i think.. the other one being in the mood for love..

love maggie cheung.. love the cheongsams... love the cinematography and style.. woo hoo

wonder if he's gay haha