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Luckily I was sitting alone while watching this movie in the lecture theatre. Dark and Steamy.

Nevertheless, Wong Kar Wai's a genius. This film is terrific. Beats Bishonen 美少年之恋 anytime. Excellent editing. Watching Tony Leung was heartwrenching. And Leslie Cheung... ...
I actually left the theatre feeling sad. And all those posts about centro back home... ...

Happy Together. Still.

I like the part where they tango-ed...
oh yes my god... that part was so sadly romantic i felt... sigh.... it's such an emotive piece of work
how you managed to watch it huh?

i also want!
Hmmm... try downloading? Or you can borrow from me... =X
hullo... wong kar wai is a genius lor.
(some of my gif user pics are frm his music video like the current one)... happy tog is soo moving...
i dunno about you ... the work... shot in both black and white and color... is soooooo visually spectacular.
and my.. it's so sad.

it touched my heart deep deep
he is isn't he? I actually love some of the effects they capture under night vision. It may not seem very professional but I like the sentimentality that comes with its daze and fuzzy package. And I can't get the line out of my head something about Leslie asking Tony 'let's start all over again'!

I personally can't stand Bishonen, not so much for the tacky story line but the bad acting. Even Daniel Wu couldn't make up for such mediocrity.
same thoughts exactly!!! wow you should do this course too man.... i just love the whole package.. i get sick of those 'perfect' visual effects at times..

and bishonen.. is just like a candy bar.. nice to look at but sigh... the acting is horrible
i haven't watch that movie yet.
you should.. with its choppy editing it's not easy to watch.. but it's truly a masterpiece..

hard to get the dvd in sg though
Yah lor. They are so insensitve to us overseas people feeling all alone and depressed.
i also say.... make us so jealous and depressed... sigh
this is my all time favourite film, i just cant stop watching it!
i think im going to buy every single poster and dvd i find of it in hong kong.
oh my this is your fav film too?? hahaha too bad i can't find the dvd here as well or else i will definitely buy one and keep.. it's sooooo good.....

hahah i watched bishonen a while ago. Made me sad. But it was such a beautiful movie.
sigh i miss monkey.
and i miss piggywiggy... really very much! you have no idea how much i miss you!
Happy Togetherly!
but i want to be togetherly with you instead!!!