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the smell of falling leaves... coldness... and boredom
sometimes when I'm here in singapore, i wish i was somewhere far away where I can take a nice long walk and forget about everything.
you know wat? same sentiments..

and now.. i miss home...

just like the wizard of oz.. now i understand the story
waohhh.. so nice...

How are u manz...of coz miis home lah...hehe...come back mst ask us out leh..SX...XL...LL...:)

WE go for dinner together to catch up..:)
hey.. miss you too man!! must meet you got so many gossips to catch up....

and that SX and XL always busy one anyway... LL shld be ok ! hahaha =)

Singapore's the best!
I think we'll always miss what's not within our grasp.
Wake up and smell the flowers? The moments of today will all but be a past memory tomorrow.

Hmm... I shall try to do that as well.


everyone's the same..
when i am home i want to study overseas.. now that i am here i miss home.. urgghh

why life has to be such an irony?
is that exhibition gardens???
erm... yeah the museum gardens... do they call it the exhibition gardens?
i call it the carlton gdns. the place where they held the international flower show..
da ge, lets live in the moment..
remember this moment.
for this moment is eternity.
it's gonna be the end of April..which means u guys are coming back SOON!!! che..be patient! :)


and bengy... zhang da le!!!!! :p
still got at least 2 more months lor... sigh

bengy still very small but evidently bigger hor?
hey darling.. savour e moment & njoy it.. not many can get 2 juz go overseas like tat.. there will b proz & conz.. but ultimately.. we'll still b here 4 u.. u knw tat..
so sweet che che!!!! thanks.... i noe singapore doesnt have beautiful weather like this...

still.... it lacks the warmth of my loved ones
missing home is only a temporary feeling :)....
i know cause i'm have moved house and country about a billion time now hehehehe :)
just come down and hang out with us when u feel lonely you're always welcome at aunty's house hehehehe :)
hahaha you are at home now?!?!? hey !!! hahaha your nick is damn funny man!